The Sweat Girls Are a Ga Ga!

In 1996 the Sweat Girls met documentary filmmaker Joe Winston when both were producing shows at the Organic Theater in Chicago. Post-show conversations led to the idea of collaborating on a project. The Sweat Girls spent a year traveling with Joe and his camera, interviewing each other’s moms. Ever patient, gracious and fascinating, the moms spoke candidly to the camera and The MotherLode was born.

The MotherLode explores the dynamic between mother and child and the issues that charge this unique relationship. Filmed conversations with each “Sweat Mom” are interwoven with live performance and, in typical Sweat Girl fashion, poignancy and humor share room with the truth.

Written and performed by Jane Blass, Cindy Hanson, Dorothy Milne, Clare Nolan, Martie Sanders, Jenifer Tyler, and Pamela Webster. Also featured in in this collaboration is the superb work of award-winning documentary filmmaker Joe Winston.

“Hilarious, touching and maddening … like every mother-daughter relationship in the world!”
— Kathy and Judy Show, WGN Radio

“Avoiding cheap sentiment and forced emotions each Sweat Girl presents a 15-minute profile of her mother accompanied by Winston’s elegant video work … carefully chosen details combine to form compelling, emotionally nuanced portraits … intelligent performers will earn your every bemused smile.”
— Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader (Critic’s Choice)

“Now why can’t you do something like this about me?!”
A mother to her grown son after seeing this show

MotherLode poster design by Jane Blass.