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Phone: (773) 769-6488

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Sweat Girls
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Photo by Suzanne Plunkett.

Book The Sweat Girls

If you’d like to book the Sweat Girls for a customized performance or workshop, you’ll find two great options described below. Additionally, if there’s a show from our production archives you’re dying to see, get in touch and let’s talk about it.

Customized Sweat

It’s the Sweat Girls show that’s made to order!

This simple stand-and-tell show is sure to meet your needs. Anywhere from three to five Sweat Girls will perform on any given topic — health, bad hair days, finances, kids … just give us a theme and we’ll run with it!

This piece also includes our improvised writing set, in which an audience member chooses a phrase and the gals write and perform instantaneously on that suggestion.


Artwork by Kevin Davis.

Sweat Lodge (Workshop)

Ever dreamed of telling your story on stage?

Your sisters in Sweat have been doing this for 17 years and can help you get to the heart of your story through writing. Learn to write, edit and break down the fourth wall between you and your viewers.

Perfect for a home salon setting or even a classroom.

This workshop includes three to four Sweat Girls and is available in tandem with a Sweat Girls performance.

Photo by Clare Nolan.

Friends Of The Sweat Girls

Most of the group photos on this site are by the ever-fabulous Suzanne Plunkett (including the roller derby shot at the top of this page). Stop by her Web site,!

Our pal Joe Winston, the award-winning documentary filmmaker who collaborated with us on The MotherLode, regularly works with Bill Kurtis, Towers Productions, and for The Oprah Winfrey Show. His new documentary film production company is Tallgrass Educational Films, makers of the critically lauded documentary What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Check out the site for David Kodeski’s True Life Tales. David is an old friend of the Sweat Girls, a brilliant writer and performer, and a former member of The Neo-Futurists.

Speaking of former Neo-Futurists, according to issue #30 of Ayun Halliday’s zine The East Village Inky, Ayun’s cat Jambo came from the same litter as Dorothy’s cat Edgar. (Even weirder, Ayun and Dorothy have the same Webmaster.)

Our Webmaster, Dave Awl (former Neo-Futurist and founder of The Pansy Kings), has a book of poems and monologues out called What the Sea Means, and he hosts a cabaret variety show called The Partly Dave Show. Members of The Sweat Girls have appeared in it before (and will again!) You can hear him performing on Also, stop by his blog at or follow him on Twitter.