Sweatily Ever After

Once upon a time in a land far … (well, in a kitchen) there was a gaggle of gals who gathered to gab over a bubbling cauldron and a little red wine. As they spoke of the world, these gals spun a tale or two. Into the tales they wove the twang of a lute, the wart of a newt and the twirl of a toe … and Sweatily Ever After came to life.

Join the Sweat Girls at the cauldron. Sip of the potion and take a seat on Rapunzel’s ginormous braid. Enjoy their live music, dance (Goddess help them!), and those signature monologues that critics call “brutally honest and dazzlingly hilarious.” This is a Sweat-style tale. You can expect to be spellbound, but don’t look for fairy dust cuz with the Sweat Girls, the truth is the magic.

Written and performed by Dorothy Milne, Clare Nolan, Martie Sanders, and Pamela Webster.