Cirque du Sweat

This show features four energetic forty-something comediennes who share their distinctive takes on the chaos of life’s inevitable transitions.

The topsy-turvy world of Cirque du Sweat offers up an inventive spin on the traditional solo monologist show. A live one-woman band, dance numbers, sideshow freak characters, and a femme fatale puppet of Amazonian proportions all add to the heart and hilarity under the big (and sweat-stained) top.

Written and performed by Cindy Hanson, Clare Nolan, Martie Sanders, and Pamela Webster.

Also adding their talents to this collaboration are clarinetist and musical director Teri Foster; choreographer Ann Boyd (Running with Scissors Artistic Director); and offering her editorial eye, Dorothy Milne (Lifeline Theatre Artistic Director and fellow Sweat Girl).

Kristi Petitpren’s whimsical freak posters, Martie Sanders’ 15-ft. female effigy, and Charlie Jolls’ elegant lights texturize an evening that is full of sparkle, splendor and sweat.


“… unique commentaries on women and the world, Cirque du Sweat. As they become older, the Sweat Girls’ work becomes wiser, yet always retains its wry twist.”
— Jonathan Abarbanel, Windy City Times

“… passionate, witty work that confronts the conundrums of transformation … a humorous, poignant collection of monologues and scenes dealing with body image, baby fever, and the erosion of youthful ideals in the face of middle-aged realities. ”
— Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader (Critic’s Choice)

Cirque du Sweat artwork by Kristi Petitpren, postcard design by Scott Wills.